Is3110 week4 lab1

A critical element in any security system is a business continuity plan, also known as a disaster recovery plan. Business continuity is the chain of events linking planning to protection and recovery. The purpose of the business continuity plan is to keep the business operating after a disaster occurs. The plan prepares for, reacts to, and recovers from events

Is3110 week4 lab1

Add at least one point, line or shape circle or rectangle see examples to the map Deliverables: Write up including screenshots is worth 20 points, You also need to submit your final. You need to turn in an.

You need to include screenshots along the way that should be included the word document. I picked Leaflet for a few reasons. First, it renders well in mobile and allows for a lot of flexibility. It is open source and growing in popularity. Also, Leaflet does not require a developer key.

With many of these APIs you may call upon on JavaScript library but still render base maps from another service. Your high school pen pal from the Netherlands is coming to visit!

You are going to make them an interactive map to show them interesting places, feel free to share your favorite places.

On you map you need to add at least one point, line or circle or polygon to represent areas of interest to you, that you recommend checking out.

The pen pal should be able to interact with the map, when they hover over one of the features, there should be some feedback indicating what they are viewing. You can see my live example here: Things to consider for planning purposes: Display an area that can be navigated within a single day. Plan what you would like to map before you get started programming.

What do you want to represent using a point, line or circle, and polygon? Since I have identified Tacoma as the place to visit, I know it should be the default center of my map. For this lab, make sure your map will render locally.

You will turn in an html document to me for this submission. Your website does not need to be live; it only needs to be live if you are using your template. The goal of this assignment is to get you comfortable manipulating and working with JavaScript, not fighting with the Internet Gods.

That being said, you can work through this lab in a fresh HTML document, then at the end of the lab cut and paste your work into you template. I have provided you with an html document to start with. You may find it on canvas.

Is3110 week4 lab1

You should see a map of London with one point, circle and a polygon. We are going to change all of this. When you open this document in a text editor, notice in the head that I provided links to the latest CSS and JS files required to use Leaflet.

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You can download them directly, but no need. We can use the files that leaflet hosts for now.Lab IV: Part 2 of 3-Week Dual Unknown Lab. NOTE: As stated in Lab 1, each unknown will contain one or more of the following major functional groups: ALCOHOL, ALDEHYDE, AMINE, CARBOXYLIC ACID, KETONE, NITRILE, PHENOL.

Moac Lab 13 Configuring Security Settings Unit 1 Lab Switch CLI Exec Mode Page 1 Unit 2 Lab 1. Switch CLI Exec Mode Page 5 2. Switch CLI Configuration Process I Page 8 3. Switch CLI Configuration Process II Page 10 4.

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Browse thousands of essays from our giant database of academic papers. Find assignments like Use of Social Media in the Workp. is_week4_lab1 ITT Tech Flint IS - Spring Please refer to Pages of the IS Student Lab Manual when working on this lab.

Lab #7 – Perform a Business Impact Analysis for a Mock IT Infrastructure Overview When performing a BIA, you are trying to assess and align the affected IT systems, applications, and resources to their required recovery time objectives (RTOs).

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